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Scroll down for testimonials and pictures of some happy customers (DOGS!)
Dog Wash DENALI DREAMS DOG WASH - The all natural choice for conscientious pet owners. Denali Dreams Dog Wash is an all natural shampoo bar with no synthetic additives. It is colored with spices and scented with pure essential oils from plants. Does your dog have dry itchy skin or allergies? If so, our all natural Dog Wash shampoo bar may be just the ticket for your best friend. Specially formulated with Neem oil, a natural healing oil from the Neem tree in India, that soothes skin, this rich lathering shampoo bar will leave your dog's coat shiny clean and smelling fresh. Especially good for dogs with sensitive skin. Scented with the nice smelling and naturally bug repelling essential oils of peppermint, cedarwood, and wintergreen. Also available on a wood soap dish.
Testimonials from happy customers


DOG PAW SALVE DOG PAW SALVE - Made with natural beeswax base, this salve for dry paws contains olive oil, avocado oil, aloe vera oil and vitamin E to help soften dry rough paws. All natural, non toxic if licked! Try Denali Dreams Dog Paw Salve when your dog is having a RUFF day! 2oz tin


Dog Wash Soap & Chummies DOG WASH SOAP & YUMMY CHUMMIES - Our special Dog Wash Shampoo Soap and a 4oz bag of Yummy Chummies Wild Alaska Salmon Treats for your nice clean dog. After your good dog has a bath and is lookin' and smellin' great, how about a nice treat of "soft & chewy Original Salmon" Yummy Chummies. Guaranteed to make his/her tail wag.


Dog Wash Soap and Dog Paw Salve Pack Dog Wash Soap Salve Pack - Our special Dog Wash Shampoo Soap and a 2oz Dog Paw Salve will keep your good dog looking and smelling great with soft supple paws. Woof!


Here's what our customers have to say.....
Shyla in AK "When Shyla's done with football, she looks forward to a nice bath with Denali Dreams Dog Wash"....Janie in Anchorage, AK

"Love this soap. I have a Westie and this product really calmed his skin down and helped with itching. I visited your store while vacationing in Alaska.Thank you."...Lenora in Rio Linda, CA

"We live on a lake in Cordova, Alaska, where in the Fall the dead, spawned out salmon wash ashore. in an unguarded moment our 3 year old Black Lab decided to enjoy a good roll in the smelly dead salmon. I dreaded the several days of lingering stink following a scrub down with the usual dish detergent. Then I remembered the bar of Dog Wash I had bought some weeks earlier. I was completely amazed to discover that the Dog Wash easily sudsed up and then washed out very easily leaving his coat squeaky clean. When dry this coat not only was mirror shiny but also there was NO trace of stinky salmon smell. Wow! This was a first. Now I am ordering more.....Joan & Mike in Cordova, AK

Zoe in PA "Zoe with her favorite Dog Shampoo Bar...."We bought a bar of this soap (Dog Wash) while visiting Alaska. Since then can use only this soap on our dog. She has very sensitive skin, allergies, and scratches her skin raw if we don't use this soap. Recommend highly!"....Shirley in Carlisle, PA
Kiska in Seattle Kiska's First Bath! She loves Denali Dreams Dog Wash! ...Peter, Philly, Kiska in Seattle, WA
p.s. those ears are for real
Rita's Bath "Our cousins were in Homer, Alaska and bought some Dog Wash for our dog Sophie, because county fair was coming up and I was showing her in 4-H and she needed to be clean. We used your Dog Wash yesterday. Today while in the showing ring I was asked repeatedly by the judge, "How do you keep your dog's coat so shiny?" I think it might have given us a few more points as we got 2 Reserve Champions. We really appreciate you Denali Dreams, and I'm sure you will be hearing from some other dog shower's who are interested in Shophie's shiny coat as well. .....Joe and Sophie, Warren, OR
"After a long hike in the wilderness, Rita loves to clean up with with Denali Dreams dog wash soap!"...Rebecka in Anchorage, AK

"This salve absorbs immediately to soften our blue heeler, Maggie's paws in winter. Love it"....Susan in Ashland, WI "We bought a bar of this soap (Dog Wash) while visiting Alaska. Since then can use only this soap on our dog. She has very sensitive skin, allergies, and scratches her skin raw if we don't use this soap. Recommend highly!"....Shirley in Carlisle, PA

"When my friends returned from an Alaskan vacation they gave me a bar of your Dog Wash soap and I found it to be one of the most fantastic products I have ever used on my three dogs...Bob

"I bought a bar of the dog soap when I was on vacation in Alaska. I have tried many, many, many different soaps and shampoos on my dog but this is wonderful. She's happy and itch free and that makes me happy. Thanks so much !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"...Donita in El Dorado, AR

Cinder, Meg, Bernadette, Ariel We run a Dog Day care and are always on the lookout for new products for our pack. We purchased a bar of soap in Icy Strait Point on a recent holiday. LOVE LOVE LOVE it. Used it on one of the fosters, Sassy, that recently came for a stay with us. So very impressed at how easy it cleaned her, how very fast it rinsed out. The smell and look of her coat was amazing. Totally plan on making this the soap used for all of our dog washes. Thanks for a GREAT PRODUCT. ...Daryl in Regina, Saskatchewan
Cinder, Meg, Bernadette & Ariel
"I wanted to let you know how very much I enjoy your soap. My niece brought me some soap from Anchorage while she was there for a business trip. I ordeed some more soap for myself and dog wash for my dog. I have a chinese crested (hairless) dog. Your soap cleaned what little hair he does have and cleaned his skin wonderfully! I am very pleased with your product. I usually have to put other products on his skin to prevent dryness, but with your product I have been able to cut back on other products and hope after a few more washes to stop using so much product to keep his skin from drying out so badly. Thank you!"...Valerie from Des Moines, IA

"I was given a bar of your great dog shampoo as a gift. It works wonders on my itchy border collie's coat, so, I'd like more. ....Carol, Sparks NV

"Last summer I visited the Inside Passage on a cruise and purchased some Dog Wash. My dogs absolutely love the shampoo and I am so impressed by how their coats feel when I wash them. You guys are the best! ...Christine, Cooper City, FL

We were in Alaska in July and I bought a bar of the Dog soap. My husband laughed at me until I used it on our two goldens. We both could not believe how well it worked. The girls look and smell wonderful. The dog soap is the BEST! ....Barbara, Fresno, CA

After visiting Alaska I bought my friend some of your dog soap. She has raved about it since, she has very dirty dogs!!!! Is there any way that I can obtain more of this wonderful soap? ....Alison, UK

My parents brought me a bar of Dog Wash from their visit to AK. Sal, my Spanish Water Dog, always smelled so good after being bathed with it I had to get some more! It's the best soap I've ever used on him!...Russ in North Carolina

Emmy, Maggie, Nicky And finally, our 3 girls here in Anchorage, Emmy, Nicky and Maggie all testify to the wonders of Denali Dreams Dog Wash.....WOOF, WOOF, WOOF!

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