Caitlin Sombatratanakul

Don’t Be a Boo About Solid Shampoo

Eek! My mummy just gave me Denali Dream’s shampoo and its a solid bar! Fear not, this post will help unravel the myths and horrors behind solid shampoo bars and let you in on the secrets of why they are un-boo-lievable! What makes them un-boo-lievable? Even before you start washing your hair there are so many pros to using a shampoo bar. To start they are travel-friendly, which means you won’t be haunted by the […]

A Fool Proof Recipe

As the nip in the air develops and the leaves start to turn golden yellow, I grab my bucket and hike off to the low growing shrubs to pick blueberries. The quest to find the flickers of blue on the green turning tundra sometimes lead to sitting in one place for hours picking (and nibbling) your way through the thick sea of blue and others you’re tempted to pick the unripe green blueberries because you can’t […]

Subsistence Fishing: A Wedding Anniversary Ritual

  Standing at the mouth of Kenai River in the water, I looked over the surface and locked eyes with two bobbing seal heads coming up for air. They were looking for the same thing I was: Sockeye Salmon. Since I was five my family has made the yearly ritual of driving three hours south to subsistence dip net. It’s become such a ritual that it’s how my parents celebrate their wedding anniversary each year. Last year […]