Did You Hear About the Camping Trip? It was In-Tents…


Help dad focus on the important things on your next camping trip (like campfires, BBQs and fishing) with this fun gift bag. He’ll get a bottle of our all-natural Skeeter Away bug spray to keep the bugs at bay, a bar of IPA Beer soap, a bar of FisherMan soap to keep his hands and his dad bod smelling fresh and not like fish guts, a fish-shaped Soap Lift, and a tin of ManlyMan Vanilla Lip Lube to moisturize sun-soaked lips.

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A canvas bear bag filled with an IPA Beer Soap, a Fisherman Soap, a fish-shaped Soap Lift, a 2 oz spray bottle of Skeeter Away Bug Spray and a Vanilla Manly Man Lip Lube


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