Staff Picks – Taylor


Taylor, a staff member of the Dream Team wants to share with you why she loves these products. Read below why she loves using these three!

Shave Soap
It’s not just for boys. My skin loves it and it smells fantastic. I’m a sucker for bergamot! I tried this soap after Caitlin asked me to develop a new label design and I’ve been hooked ever since. I still have my first tin. It travels well, (just as all our soaps do) and the bentonite clay in the soap creates a thick lather for a super-close shave. The cocoa butter is also very moisturizing on my legs!

Boreal Nights Body Oil
I love the frankincense and lavender blend in this. The essential oils are not only pleasing to smell but they have so many other benefits beyond their smell. It’s bright and invigorating and the almond oil is super nourishing. It not only promotes moisturizing, but it’s great to get the blood cells moving too! I’m a true believer in taking timeouts for myself and that would include taking time to massage my skin. Sometimes it’s really nice when someone special rubs my shoulders with it too!

Permafrost Bath Bomb
I am a Bath Queen. I love baths and self-care! Which is reason #12344 why I love working here! Whether I’m talking about bath products or taking one myself I love all things bath. Take 20 minutes, open those pores and nourish your skin! Get the blood pumping and soothe those muscles. It’s so easy! Just relax, pour some bubbles or a cup of tea (or perhaps something stronger) play some music or a quick podcast, maybe even bring a snack! To top it all off I add in this bath bomb. It’s minty, it fizzes and it’s infused with olive oil – look another chance to moisturize, yes!!!


One of each: ManlyMan Shave Bar, 8 oz Bottle of the Boreal Nights Bath and Body Oil, and a Permafrost Bath Bomb


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