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Hello, I’m still fairly new at Denali Dreams, started around April and have been cutting the soaps since mid-June. I’ve certainly fallen in love with these three dreamy products, Tundra Rose, the Natural Sisal Soap Sack and most recently the Cranberry Bath Bomb while working here.

Tundra Rose – My very first Denali Dreams product I used and it ended up being my favorite. It has real rose petals inside of the soap and has a wonderful scent of rose geranium and lemongrass. Tundra Rose has a very delicate aroma, that will make you want a second sniff. It also looks beautiful unwrapped and in your hands. P.S. It’s also my favorite soap to cut!

Natural Sisal Soap Sack – I have some thick skin and some washcloths just don’t give my skin the justice it deserves. This product will most definitely scrub away any stubborn dirt. Get yourself a second sack and stick your “what do I do with these soap bits” inside! It’s a good way to save those soap bits, instead of throwing them away.

Cranberry Bath Bomb – Working for the Dream Team, I’ve finally broken my shower-only routine. I’ve tried every scent of bath bomb we make here. So I was excited to hear about this seasonal bath bomb coming back. I plop it in my bath and I’m in dreamy cranberry goodness. Absolutely love the tartness and sweetness this bomb brings.

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A bar of Tundra Rose, a Natural Sisal Soap Sack and a Cranberry Bath Bomb


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