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As the Soap Maker here at Denali Dreams I have a sort of different criteria for picking out products I use at home. My picks are Cabin Fever Soap, Kodiak Brown Soap and Lavender Body Oil. I use the Cabin Fever for my bathroom sink because I think it looks cool with the soap chips and green background. The scent is one of our more complex blends and people love it. For the shower I use the Kodiak Brown Soap because the scent isn’t overwhelming, it’s just cedarwood and patchouli. I also like using this soap in the shower because it’s one of our vegan soaps and it’s the only vegan soap we make that isn’t floral. I also picked these two soaps because they get made less often than the other Denali Dreams favorites like Fireweed, Glacier Glow and the Wild Berry soaps. I like to show some love to the other soap contenders. Lastly, the Lavender Body Oil is great for the bedroom and we’ll just leave it at that 😉
– Soap Master Ben

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A bar of Cabin Fever Reliever Soap, Kodiak Brown Soap and an 8 oz bottle of Lavender Bath and Body Oil


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