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I never like picking favorites (especially since this is frowned upon as a mom) because my favorites at Denali Dreams are constantly changing.  At the moment,  these three have been the constant in my shower,  diaper station and car. Grab my three current favorites for a steal: $20.50

Baby Bear Butt Balm – This balm has been around in our recipe box for some time but we never really developed it until – well, I needed it. The very talented Lead Dreamer Taylor designed the labels with my new twins in mind (their initials are even carved into the tree on the back label). Besides having this special reminder on the label, I am always slathering the twins head to toe with this balm. From dry patches to diaper rashes this balm with its sweet smell of lavender and orange takes care of their tender sensitive skin.Denali Dreams Soap – This soap has always been a favorite (there I go, picking favorites) of mine. I like to call it a blanket in the shower, especially in the winter. After being out in the cold and coming in to warm up; when a blanket or tea doesn’t do the trick, a shower with this soap is all you need. The spicy notes of cinnamon and clove mixed with orange essential oils wrap you up in a blanket and warm you to your bones. It’s also my favorite tissue paper – because it looks like a sunrise on Denali.

Buttery Bear Lotion Bar – This little bear found its way into my routine since I got pregnant. I loved it for a belly balm (it has 4 different kinds of butters!) it helped to soothe my stretching skin. I still use it as a belly balm as everything works on “going back together”. I also love that you can pick it up and target the areas you want some love. My grandmother loved it for this reason too because she didn’t want lotion getting into her rings. The notes of lavender, grapefruit and litsea (a plant in the lemongrass family) makes my hands smell good all day long!


A 2 oz tin of Baby Bear Butt Balm, a tin of Buttery Bear Solid Lotion, and a Denali Dreams Soap


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