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Fight Winter With Winter

Dry skin is something us Alaskans know about all too well. The winter months gift us with beautiful snow-blanketed mountains, frosted trees that glisten in the sun, and 0% humidity (at least it feels that way). No matter how much water you drink or pounds of lotion you layer on your skin to the point of walking around like a zombie waiting for them to dry, those pesky splits around your fingernails and bleeding cracking knuckles […]

Don’t Be a Boo About Solid Shampoo

Eek! My mummy just gave me Denali Dream’s shampoo and its a solid bar! Fear not, this post will help unravel the myths and horrors behind solid shampoo bars and let you in on the secrets of why they are un-boo-lievable! What makes them un-boo-lievable? Even before you start washing your hair there are so many pros to using a shampoo bar. To start they are travel-friendly, which means you won’t be haunted by the […]