Who We Are

Hi I'm Caitlin.


Born and raised in Alaska, my parents were transplants who came up to Alaska for an adventure and never left. I grew up exploring the amazing backyard that Alaska has to offer – kayaking, hiking, climbing and skiing are some of my favorites. Over the years my love for this magical place has grown and I’m always in search of new peaks to conquer. When I’m not out exploring, I indulge in yarn, paint and spending time with Chad (that handsome stud next to me) and my two pups. 
My journey with Denali Dreams started in high school labeling lip balms. Over the years I’ve worked in every position – learning to wrap, cut and make soap. When Barb and Janie, the Denali Dreams founders, were ready for their next adventure after 18 years of being in business, I was thrilled to keep the dream alive. I’m incredibly passionate about creating quality products that are great for your skin while incorporating a little piece of Alaska along the way. If you are ever in Anchorage, stop by our shop and say hi

the Dream team


A transplant from Maryland, Ben has taken up the art of slinging soap. He is our master creator in the kitchen and helps create all the products we have to offer. Occasionally we let him out of the kitchen to come up from to help with the store. Outside of getting greased up, Ben has a natural talent for capturing moments with his camera and fighting off the enemy while playing DOTA.



Another kitchen dweller, Cindy assists Ben in creating all the Dream products.She has a knack for multitasking and unintentional puns. When Cindy isn’t slinging soap she loves to pick (and smash) blueberries, run across countries and go adventuring outside.She also likes to make sure everyone is having a good time and specializes in developing song parodies about hand washing (or whatever else  is on her mind).



 As our fabulous floor manager, she is the engineer behind the shipments to your door and the beaming hello you receive when you walk through ours. Her laugh is contagious and her smile (as you can see) lights up the room.  She specializes in spreading love and cheer and also making the best damn cocktails you’ve ever tasted. Taylor enjoys spending time with her handsome doggo, Bruce Wayne and getting after all the Alaskan adventures
This cool cat is one of our pro soap wrappers. Her favorite soap to wrap is Glacier Glow, and if you have a bar sitting on your sink or in your shower, it was most likely wrapped by her talented fingers. When Darcy isn’t wrapping, she spends time running  a non-profit with her husband that teaches yoga to inmates and at-risk youth. Darcy also has an eye for photography and has a niche for shooting in film. Interested in her shots and writing? Catch her stuff in The Spenardian or follow her at @turiya_alaska


 DJ Autumn dabbles in a couple different things at Denali Dreams. She (w)raps a little of this and little of that. She also occasionally cuts and grooms the soaps. DJ Autumn makes sure that the Dream Team has smooth tunes to listen to throughout the day. When she isn’t slaying it at the shop, she enjoys getting out into the Alaskan scenery, snuggling with her three-legged pup and making beautiful artwork.


Our Inspiration